Are you...

Surrounded by clutter & mess, feel there's not enough hours in the day to get it all done & can never find anything?

Or need your business managed so you can get the actual work done?

Find it impossible to get everything done & it always seems like there's 'stuff' everywhere? 

Overwhelmed and busy juggling with your business, work, family, children, sport and play?



Cupboards, pantries, kitchens, online, office, computers, garage...

Re-organising your whole house... The possibilities are endless! 


Finishing a Bachelor of Applied Business Marketing & Management

Managing multiple businesses online, accounts & social media.

Experienced Executive personal assistant, development and implementation of marketing strategies,

managing all marketing and online

Social media...

There isn't a space I'm not willing to Organise!

The end result suited to you, your business or your family's needs!

Organise Mia to organise you!


Mia is a single mother of two very active children, running her own and others business, she enjoys having a full life of family, friends, study & sport. 


She can only do this by being ORGANISED!

"I love having all my ducks in a row, be it my home, personally or at work. 

I'm good at it and love helping others to achieve organisation also!" Mia